iBeacons at Clevedon School

This is a long overdue post which I feel needed a place on this blog to explain my involvements with the iBeacon project at Clevedon School.

Back in 2014, I implemented and experimented with iBeacon technology at Clevedon School as part of iClevedon and the Handbook app. Together with the assistance of Mr. Gavin Smart, Assistant Director at Clevedon Learning Hub and Apple Distinguished Educator, I put together this application with other students in mind.

Apple Offices - LondonThe app supports context-based notifications and enables students to download resources when relevant for them.

Within 2-3 weeks of development, we were able to give a demonstration of the new iBeacon technology integrated within the application at the Apple Offices in London.

The project incorporated design features such as Foldr access and Firefly integration alongside an online drag-and-drop interface for scheduling resources.

I can definitely see lots of potential for iBeacons within education and I will post updates on this blog about future advances with the technology.

More about this article can be found via Estimote on How a 15 year-old implemented beacons at school.

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