Headstart is a scheme run by the Engineering Development Trust which organises residential trips to Universities in order to get a taster of University and specific subjects for a week. I was offered a place at the University of York for Computer Science, however, the dates clashed with the flight to Kenya so I requested if there were other options available. Consequently, I’m now writing this post at the end of a busy week at Aston University.

The week has been pretty packed, full of project work, and talks of all different natures. But the highlight of my experience here has been the project work.

We were put into teams to create a game using a simple Javascript canvas API; we fell into Team 8”. We couldn’t actually think of a team name until late in our development work when we amalgamated the words into “8eam” (or Beam), we created a snazzy logo when we did.

and our game was called


I would say the highlight of the residential has been the rapid development of the game with my peer group which is something that I have never done before. It was a rewarding experience, not only utilising my previous skills in regards to programming but also being able to pass my prior knowledge of methodologies and processes.

Because of the nature of the project, rapid development was needed to complete the game within the 8 hours we were given for the project across 3 days. We managed our tasks through Kanban and delegated roles ranging from Graphic design, Testing, Programming, and the creation of our presentation. When the bugs arose I worked to fix them, while another team member implemented a different aspect of the program.

Summarising on Headstart, it was a great experience for meeting new people from across the country, and working collaboratively as a team to complete more, which couldn’t be completed alone in the time. The experience has been really rewarding.

If you would like to play our teams game, click the black box above. But beware of the bugs. The game was only created in 8 hours after all.


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